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Best cots for use with heavy baby and slipped disc??

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Lucinda15 Tue 17-Oct-17 22:17:04

I have two slipped discs, and a 4mo baby. Managing my back well, but need to be really careful and dreading her going into the big cot (currently in a chicco next to me, but will have to move up at 6 months). I still have memories of my 6 year old son causing me pain lifting him in and out of his cot. I think I need a better option. I know drop sides are a good idea, but as the base will eventually be lowered to the max as she gets big, I will still end up bending and lifting considerably to get her in and out.

Has anyone got any recommendations or tips and tricks? Is it worthy of a referral to occupational therapy? Any ideas welcomed. I had surgery for a slipped disc 12 years ago so really need to be careful now, don't want to go down that route again!

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