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DLA Decision

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Cph21 Mon 26-Jun-17 20:23:42

Hi not sure if this is the right place to post new to this. In a nut shell my daughter was diagnosed as blind at 4 month earlier old and registered legally applied for DLA as advised by her consultant. Been told today after months of waiting that she doesn't qualify. Heartbroken isn't the word! Have sent a mandatory reconsideration by special delivery today can anyone advise if they have been through the same thing? Any ideas if I will win or if this is going to be a battle. SO very unfair to family's who have enough to deal with. Thanks in advance for any help xxx

Afternooncatnap Mon 09-Oct-17 20:12:18

Hi, so sorry to hear about your daughter.

My Ds is 9 months and is deaf . We get middle rate dla.

When I applied I used wording supplied on the national deaf childrens website. Is there a similar service for blind children that can tell you what to put on the appeal.

I was advised it's all in the wording because you don't get dla just because the child has a disability. Dla is granted for things that you have to do above and beyond what you would for a 'nornal' child of the same age. So I qualify as I need to maintain and facilitate his hearing aids and teach (and learn) sign language.

So in your appeal you need to explain what addition needs your DS has to another child in her age group. If not you may just have to claim again when she's older. It is difficult to claim for babies as they need so much care anyway, alot of disabilities won't require additional care until the child gets older.

pingu73 Sat 02-Dec-17 08:53:14

My son who is now 20 revived high rate of slack....initially though we were declined the mobility part I’m talking 17 years ago I had to go to tribunal but I won my case and never had an issue since

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