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Autism - Early Signs

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Lm604 Fri 24-Feb-17 04:26:43

Looking back, can you identify any signs of autism that your baby exhibited during infancy? If so, could you please share?

pingu73 Sat 02-Dec-17 08:58:27

My son started rocking at about 8 months

LoveAndLucky Sun 17-Dec-17 12:43:42

Looking back, I would say the meltdowns from 2 months onwards were the first sign I got.
Everyone thought it was teething or that I couldn't calm my own child down.
It really shook me as I had no problems with the eldest.
But as an infant they have no way of using the proper words to tell you what is wrong.
They can scream all night for no apparent reason. Later on they could have problems with potty training and wetting themselves. Not understanding the difference between what behaviour is considered good or bad and why one child can have something for good behaviour and the other one can't for bad behaviour (which can lead to meltdowns that can last an hour or more despite trying to explain the situation in a way they may understand).

Autism has such a large spectrum so it's different for every child (I have an Aspie Girl). Personally I would like to know what other signs people have noticed as, if I had known that these were all signs of a unique child (I hate saying she has a disability), I would have had less problems myself and found ways to work around it all, get her an official diagnosis and help her earlier.

Not sure if this helps you but I hope it helps someone smile

pingu73 Sun 17-Dec-17 13:10:54

Also tip toe walking

MummyChloe Mon 25-Dec-17 05:48:38

My little boy is being assessed now to see if he has Autism.. the nursery picked up on it. My 2 little brothers, little sister and my nephew have autism.

Apparently, the reason why they think my son might have autism is because he's delayed in speech, he flaps his hands, he makes noises when he gets excited, he's got so much energy etc. I'm sure there is more but I can't think of it all.

Even if he does have it (I'll find out next year) I don't think he's severe with it because my brothers used to have a certain routine and get upset and shy if anyone else was around them, where as my little man isn't that bad in that sense.

I hope this helps someone!

MummyChloe Mon 25-Dec-17 05:49:55

I forgot to mention, I also don't have any problems with his behaviour, he's the sweetest little boy. But my brothers did have bad behaviour. Everyone can have different types of autism, it's not all the same.

Kingsclerelass Sun 14-Jan-18 01:06:37

Pingu - is that true? I'm still tiptoe walking 40 years later. I worked out I was Aspie years ago but never occurred to me that was part of it.

TattedMomma Thu 05-Apr-18 06:33:18

@MummyChloe does he move his hands in kind of a circular rotation movement and moan either when he gets excited or wants something? This is what my son does and he's been doing it since he was about 6 months old.

woodwaj Thu 10-May-18 23:00:55

My d's was almost silent as a baby hardly cried he never babbled . He's just started repeating words at 3. He has and still walks on his tip toes. Hardly any eye contact which is much better now and I can't explain it properly in writing but he was fixated on lines and would follow them with his eyes..he still does it occasionally

Mum2fourrugrats Wed 23-May-18 18:15:41

My boys are both autistic but both were so different up to the age 5.
Eldest was always crying as a baby . Only stopped when he was fed or asleep. About 4 months behind in milestones for sitting up crawling and walking. Didnt sleep at night well. Didn't talk at all until he was 3 then over night speech started.
Second boy happy baby never cried. Slept well day and night, behind in milestones again about 4 months. Didn't like noises at all. Cried when doorbell rang. Cried when anyone knocked on the door. Cried when phones rang. Cried when babies cried. Didn't talk until age 2.5 then sentences at about 3.
Both in nappies daytime until age 4. Nightime nappies until age 6 and son still in them age almost 6.

Jupiterrose Wed 11-Jul-18 14:51:51

@pingu73 my son rocked as well from that age I spent years trying to find out what it was .. A doctor wont diagnose it however a occupational therapist can I was told he had Sensory Disregulation Disorder not part of autism

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