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Partner has been sectioned

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Soconfused72 Thu 22-Dec-16 19:40:56

Hey, any help appreciated. The father of my baby has been sectioned I'm due to give birth very soon. The ward has found out I'm pregnant, will they get the child protection agency involved? Will it affect his stay?

littleoysterslittleoysters Thu 22-Dec-16 19:49:29

Oh thats very difficult for you. I hope you are okay. You will be referred to SS who will want to talk to you. Also you MW and HV should be informed as well. They are all there to help so talk to them freely and accept their support. I hope all goes well.

Soconfused72 Thu 22-Dec-16 20:14:14

Thank you for your response.
The thing is there's not really anything that wrong with him a bit of paranoia and anxiety. But what I want to know is will they take my child because this? We don't live together or anything I live with my mum and will be after I give birth also.

Soconfused72 Thu 22-Dec-16 20:19:08

And will it make things hard on him?
I'm completely mentally and physically able so what dose his mentality have to do with ss getting involved with me and my baby?

llangennith Thu 22-Dec-16 20:25:39

I think it's probably more than a bit of anxiety OP. It's hard to get someone sectioned these days so he must've been a danger either to himself or others.
You've done nothing wrong so be honest with SS and medical staff.
Whatever happens, your baby's welfare is more important than the baby's father.

Frusso Thu 22-Dec-16 20:30:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soconfused72 Thu 22-Dec-16 21:11:53

I don't know why I thought they would take my baby. I'm worried maybe they will see him as unstable and assume I also have health problems, Silly right. I'm mega stressed but what you've all said has helped greatly. My mum and mother in law have both said it would be fine but I needed some outside opinions.
Thank you guys.

AnxiousCarer Thu 22-Dec-16 22:09:57

Firstly for him to be sectioned he must be SERIOUSLY unwell right now as PP said, it is very difficult to be sectioned and is done as a last resort . There are a couple of sections, one is just for a few days fo assessment, the other is longer lasting for treatment.

My DH suffers from serious mental illness and we have had long discussions with his MH team about us potentally having children in the future. We have been told that legally they have to inform the midwife/health visitor teams if there is a child under 5 LIVING in the home of someone they work with, there would be no furthur action unless there were any safeguarding concerns. As you don't live with him I dont think this would affect you. I would just be honest and open with the midwife and heallth visitor.

There is a huge ammount of stigma and misconceptions arround alot of mental health conditions so regardless of whether you are in a relationship with your babies father, I would recommend finding out more about his condition and how it affects him from a reliable source. The Mind website is useful. Remember most people with mental illness are more risk to themselves than anyone else. Once he is well enough it may be useful to meet with him and his CPN if he is agreeable (it would have to come from him for confidentiality reasons ) DHs MH Team alocate family liason nurses if appropriate which could be really helpful for your situation. Feel free to PM me if I can help. DH has episodes of psychosis which presents as anxiety and paranoid delusions as well as depression.

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