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Including Autistic Children in Social Events

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Taz429 Wed 16-Nov-16 18:52:00

I was horrified to read recent top blog story on here from a mum who was in floods of tears after her autistic son was excluded from a local party. How can people get it so wrong in this day and age? My son had a classmate with autism and all the boys joined together for my sons birthday parties. I would never have dreamed of excluding "M". I fondly remember one party where "M" decided that the football the boys were playing with was his and much to parents amusement tried to stuff it up his jumper. The other boys knew "M" well and were fairly patient while we got them another ball. There was always a sense with the boys that they were protective of "M" as they grew up together.

iamamickey Wed 16-Nov-16 19:08:02

It's shocking that it still happens in this day in age.

My son lives with Autism and to my knowledge has never been left out of party invitations. Once when he was younger a mother phoned me to say she wasn't inviting him because another mother told her my son hates parties! I put them
Both straight and we haven't encountered that again. From experience I think parents are more afraid of us special needs parents than our kids. We fight for everything our little Ines get so we get a reputation as pit bulls. Lol.

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