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Jobs in the 1970s (wasn't sure where to post)

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Kai1977 Sat 12-Nov-16 12:46:58

Sorry I wasn't sure where to post this and hope you don't mind me posting on here.

I'm a Mumsnetter, I don't have any disabilities myself however I'm writing a novel set in the early 1970s in London and want to include a diverse range of characters. One of my main characters is a man in his early twenties. He doesn't have use of his left arm or hand (but he is right handed). He is now going to be looking for a job.

Eventually I will go out and interview real people with similar challenges but in the meantime I was hoping you might be able to help with the basics. What kind of jobs might someone in his position be able to do (given the 1970s were less progressive than they are now). Are there any resources I might be able to look at?

Thank you!

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