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possibly adhd? Concerned mummy :(

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Princessnthepea86 Sat 15-Oct-16 22:07:28

Hi. I'm so sorry firstly for anything anyone might be going through and I hate to ask questions that may sound trivial or silly but I'm 100% genuinely concerned about my 15 month old. I have 3 kids and she is my youngest. I have been around many many kids as I worked in a nursery (not with special needs though) and she seems very different. I will admit I do and have not taken her to her medical milestone check ups and I will start from now but I wanted some advise. She is 15 months old and never stops moving. I mean never! Unless she is asleep she has to move all the time. Sometimes I KNOW she is enjoying a gentle back tickle and song but she still gets up and moves. From when she was 3 months old I had to move her from one activity to another as she would cry. People used to say that I was holding her too much but I knew I wasn't! I have 2 other which were never like her. At best she will sit still for 20 seconds. She seems irritable all the time and isn't happy if you are standing with her or sitting down, literally nothing consoles her. I have recently been on holiday to Butlins and seen so many other kids her age and they will sit for ages or for at least 10 mins, she won't even be consoled when I'm driving in the car. I'm so worried. She WILL have an hour nap throughout the day and will sleep all night but apart from that, when she is awake she can't stay still. I'm really worried because I think I know this isn't normal. Can anyone tell me if they had the same problem and were later diagnosed with adhd or something. Thank you

Imsickofnamechanging Sat 15-Oct-16 22:13:30

This is probably not what you want to hear but....She's active all day and sleeps all night, sounds wonderful! She sounds like a very typical active and healthy 15month old. She is too young for anyone to be able to diagnose ADHD, as what is ADHD in a 7yr old is typical behaviour in a toddler. I would engage with whatever her interests are as much as possible as she clearly enjoys being adventurous and finding out about things around her. I have a DC with ADHD by the way, he is now 12yrs but at 15months, you couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

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