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BPD mother, suffering PND in hospital urgent advice needed!

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RachaelLaurenDaisyStone Fri 14-Oct-16 05:05:29

Hi, my baby is 10 weeks old breastfed only and we've been admitted to hospital for a few days observation as she has had a very slight weight loss since her immunisations 2 weeks ago (lots of dioreah) born 7lbs 6oz. Was gaining along her percentile and only lost 7%of birth weight. Went from 8lbs 15oz to 8lbs 10oz and has gone back up to 8lbs 12oz but they still have admitted us even though I protested. They don't believe me that I'm feeding her because of my mental health issues. So anyway the advice I need desperately is that I feel I am being bullied into giving her formula, and they are forcing me to wake her up in the night for a feed. She feeds well in the day every 2-4 hours on both breasts and I have a very good supply I express every morning and get 6 oz in about 10-12 mins. But she has slept through the night since 4 days old. This has never effected her negatively before. I really feel the jabs are the reason she's lost the weight and is slow gaining. Can I refuse to wake her up in the night to the doctors? I'm now giving her a 150mls as well with both breasts at every feed I see think that will be helping her gain without waking her up and without giving her formula. Please can anyone give me advice on what my rights as a parent are?! It's not like she's underweight she's still in the 50th percentile?!

IckleAngel20 Sun 06-Nov-16 20:11:00

I can totally understand your frustration. Through experience of 3 children I know that if they are hungry, they will let you know. Being told to wake your sleeping baby when she doesn't appear to need feeding can be frustrating. I also agree it sounds like she is slow gaining following the sickness she was suffering. I would suggest asking to speak to a member of staff when they aren't doing rounds. That way they'll have the time to listen to your points. In the mean time, frustrating as it is, I would carry on with their advice. Wrong as it is, I've had my MH issues used against me when it came to my second child. They called the social, who told me I had been in the right and dismissed the case. The stress of that was unbearable though, and I wouldn't want you to go through the same. As her mother, you do have rights, and the staff only have her best interest at heart so provided you can make a reasonable argument, they should respect that. If all else fails, ring social services yourself. They can be a terrific support and will advice you of the best course of action.
Best of luck, and don't allow them to get you wound up when you talk to them. You need to sound calm and reasonable, even if they don't.

Mumofthree73 Wed 15-Mar-17 14:53:35

I have bipolar and was kept in hospital with my third child against my will. It was only by proving myself that they let me home instead of going to a psychiatric mother and baby unit. You may have to show willing and go along with what they say, just to prove you want the best for your baby. It must be very hard and I wish you all the best. Stay strong and look after yourself and your baby

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