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Working from home jobs

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Mum2b2016 Sat 10-Sep-16 14:15:07

Hi I am a disabled parent who has cerebral palsy it affects my lower limbs I have worked as an administrator/customer service advisor for the last 12 years and have just returned back to work from maternity leave, however due to childcare commitments etc I am looking for working from home jobs i live in greater Manchester and would welcome any advice or suggestion of where to look for work


Heidi705 Mon 19-Dec-16 13:01:39

Hi there!

My position is that I have a disabled teenager who I've been a lone parent and full time carer to for his whole life. He's going to move to his special needs residential college in January and so, like you, I was looking to find work from home jobs too. He is one of a set of twins, and his twin sister is also disabled so I needed to find something I could do which would work around her too.

I'm really into Reiki and massage healing so was ( and still am) planning on taking courses in both, but I was unsure as to whether, once qualified, either of those jobs were going to be able to generate a viable, full time income.
Then I came across something on You Tube which sparked an interest in me so I researched it further. Online marketing. Given that I've been wiping bums for 16 years and barely knew one end of a laptop from the next, this was definitely the last thing on my mind as a job prospect.

I signed up and the experience so far has been exciting, to say the least!
The company is called the Six Figure Mentors and is NOT one of those 'get rich quick' schemes that never work anyway!
It's an internet marketing training platform and digital marketing business system aimed at providing online entrepreneurs with the very best training and business systems available. SFM also offers the chance to earn high ticket commissions while learning how to market online professionally, by offering members the opportunity to become affiliates.

For me, the training platform has been a total revelation. It's like going to University and I love it! Within the SFM system, there is a wonderful community of 1000's of like minded people, some with tons of knowledge and experience, some just learning ( like myself)and many in between. Everyone is incredibly supportive and understanding and there is always someone out there to answer any queries. And of course, I'm learning to create my own business at the same time. Learn and earn.

I've been feeling really wobbly about my son leaving home as us being together is all he's ever known so the life transition is going to be a major journey for us both, and my other family, so having this business system to concentrate on has given me a really positive outlook to my son leaving home.
If you click the link and input your email, I can send you the 7 day video series which I found to be fab. I learnt so much just from that in itself! You'll get one everyday and they do provide excellent value.

Hope that all helps.

Heidi :-)

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