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Hypersomnia/ possible narcolepsy SS involved now :(

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yellowox Sat 27-Aug-16 03:02:49

I feel awful and so ashamed about what happened sad I've been struggling with hypersomnia for a long time needing 10 hour sleep at night then a 2-3 hour nap in the day if Ive been out on a day out with oh it's more like 16-20 hours. I've had this since a teenager but the gp has always put it down to depression. Dds granddad had come over to stay I've been struggling with bladder incontience as well as this he left on Thursday morning without saying goodbye for some reason I don't know what happened I didn't wake up dd managed to open the window and climb out onto the extension she climbed back in when the neighbour shouted at her they tried banging the door but I didn't respond the next thing I know there was 3 policemen peering at me one had slapped me in the face to wake me they thought i was dead, they took me to the doctors who suggested narcolepsy young lady police officer was really horrible to me who came round accused me of all sorts the house being not nice for a child (it was a bit messy by no means dirty !!) Telling me to put socks on dd or slippers (we have carpeted floors and it's been 25c) I know I've been awful but honestly I don't know what happened she has been a cow she also said "we don't know if it's medical or not yet" what does that mean? They had to slap my face to get me to come round she said herself she thought I was dead! I've cleaned the house today dds gone to stay with her grandparents for a week as I'm not allowed to be on my own with her incase I have another episode I don't have any of my relatives to help to take care of her I'm planning on going down there tomorrow tor be with her our first visit with ss went well dd was playing with me asked me for everything not dad like she always does we started reading a story with her she can read already at 3 years old. The initial assessment is next I'm just wondering what can I expect? ?

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