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ADHD and Fasd

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nannydiane Tue 26-Apr-16 12:21:27

Any grandparents out there with children with ADHD and Fasd ?
Would like to share their experiences , my grandson is 7 years old and I have a resident order as well as a SGO, I have had him since he was one years old

I get minimal support from the SW , I asked her for advice on his behaviours at times she replied and she said she has none !!
I gave up my job 2 years ago as his behaviour became difficult in main stream
And he was then sent to a referal unit !!!

18 months later I'm seeing improvement but some of that's down to his ADHD medication which he has only been on for about 6 Months .

The school also struggles with his behaviour and he has picked up so much negativity being with other children that doesn't really have the same diagnose it's hard as I remember him. Being in main stream and I totally got were the other parents were coming from I got as he would be distrustive at times and they would have concerns for their kids safety

I am now trying to take the case to education panel for him to be consider for a therapeutic day placement which I hope is a better way forward for him long term

Andy6 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:15:08

It was sad to hear you have had so many difficulties with support for your grandson. It is always a continuous battle. I hope things have improved. I have an adopted son who has officially been diagnosed with FASD, AD, ADHD and more. He come to me just under 3 years old after a history of extreme neglect etc (lucky to survive) and is now almost 13. Luckily I had 50 years experience of ADHD and AD before they got these "new" labels and work with children who have these disabilities every day so these disabilities are in every way part of my life!!!!!

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