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Losing my Bond

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Losingmyboy Sun 27-Mar-16 22:20:46

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone was in the same boat as me. I have two older children, I was pregnant following difficult circumstances when I met my partner.

We were involved when my son was born but we kept our distance and didnt move in together until he was one (in Jan)

My son and I have had a very close bond. But moving into a new home (which was no longer a bungalow) meant my partner had to take up more of the care of my son, because of my disability and stairs.

As a result, they have became very close. But I feel I'm missing out. My son cries when he's with me now, he finds no comfort in me anymore and it's really starting to get me down.

I want to move to a bungalow again, but there are none close and its unfair to move the kids to a different school again.

I've been a single parent for eight years, so suddenly relying on someone else to care for them is really making me feel low.

I'll be honest, it's breaking our relationship. I'd rather be single and have my bond with my kids than be in a relationship and lose that bond.

Please help.... Can I fix this without leaving? I'm struggling and filling with resentment

user1469751309 Tue 24-Jan-17 00:07:41

Hi Op sorry I've only just come across this thread how are you coping? I'm a disabled mum to two girls and can do very little 'physical' things for them ie bath time and getting them out of bed ect and they have a closer bond with their dad. It breaks my heart that I'm not the first person they go too if they are feeling sad but lucky at the same time they have such a close relationship with their dad. Hope your doing ok Op and you will always be their mum and nothing can take that away flowers

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