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Parents with Learning Disabilities

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Sal59 Sun 21-Feb-16 11:48:11

Hi, I am friends with a mum who is learning-disabled who has two school-age children, one with learning disabilities and one in mainstream. Because she can't read and write, her experience of her children's schools has been really difficult and I have had to "translate" education for her. I wondered how many parents there are in a similar position. Are you a parent with a learning disability? Are you friends with a learning disabled parent? Do you know of learning-disabled parents, even if you aren't aquainted with them? My big aim is to try and set up a support service and am wondering what the need is. There is very little data about learning-disabled parents.
Thank you for any comments and ideas.

Janey444 Mon 06-Jun-16 09:38:15

Only slightly off topic but seeing as you care for someone with learning disabilities who may one day rely on community daycare services, I thought you might be interested in signing our petition.

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