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Do you think theres a difrence between carring resposibilities and being a young carer.

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worriedmother7787 Thu 01-Oct-15 23:02:24

Hi all,
So I am a single disabled parent who unfortunatly therefor has to have her 14 year old as my main carer. She was at her local young carers group tonight and a topic came up there was a survey a few years ago that the bbc did that said that 1 in 12 school aged children have caring resposibilities. They (the young carers at her group) believe this actually not to be true we live in norfolk (and I know there's a lot of unidentified carers) amd there are 10 groups with on average 14 people on a group so that 140. In norfolk round a bout. The reason they also believe it not to be true is because the survey done was on children and they believe that the diff intron of young carer is not properly annoucent because my daughter and her young carer friends have all said this has happened to them is that they're friends (when explaining there situation) at least one have said 'ohh yea i cook sometime and clean when mums working and I but my little brother to bed, so tea I think I a carer to' i this because I think not, especially if there is no disability or substance abusse in family. This is just my opinion and my daughters but she does a lot for me she: cooks, cleans, goes to hospitial with me at least once a week, gives me medication including injections and gives emotional support as well as helping me get about when I can. I know that's a carer. The school are great. But she doesn't know any other carers in school and wonders how many they're actually are in school there 1800 in her school how may do u think would be in her school. Thanks for reading

elliejjtiny Sat 31-Oct-15 20:50:11

I would say my DS1 aged 9 has caring responsibilities. He pushes DS2's wheelchair quite often (I'm usually pushing the double buggy), keeps an eye out for him at school, sticks up for him when random strangers make nasty comments etc. I wouldn't call him a young carer though, I would say that's more children who do longer hours.

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