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Managing housework

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slippersmum Sat 15-Aug-15 14:44:15

Just wondered how people managed. I am not coping with housework at all. I am getting more and more embarrassed about the state of the house and have stopped asking people round which isn't helping my situation What do other people do?

MerdeAlor Sat 15-Aug-15 14:56:37

I try not to worry about it too much as in not get anxious about it. I can do a limited amount so chose my activities for the day carefully.
I try to do half an hour and then rest for an hour. If I'm feeling OK I'll do a bit more.

Remember the saying 'How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time' holds true.
Not sure I'm helping - perhaps you need more practical solutions?

AnOddOod Sat 15-Aug-15 15:08:31

This is timely. I was going to post a similar thread. I've been in an energy slump for weeks plus another injury means the housework is getting away from me. Dh usually picks up the slack but is doing lots of overtime we can't afford to be without.
We've people coming to stay in a few weeks who don't have a clue about what's wrong with me as people don't see me on bad days so no one understands why it's hard for me.

slippersmum Sun 16-Aug-15 14:42:12

I like the idea about bite sized chunks. It's hard isn't it when people don't really understand your illness. My OT says choose a meaningful activity to use your limited energy on. Now I get this but when it gets to the point where my dcs are not inviting friends round it really gets me down. I have been disabled for 2 years now. Was in hospital for a long time during the first year. But 2 years of dust build up is really beginning to show!!!

PurpleHairAndPearls Sun 16-Aug-15 15:01:44

Ugh. Housework. I hate it.

If you have a build up, could you pay for a cleaner to come and blitz it, so it will be easier to keep on top of? I know it will be £££ but it might be a good long term investment? Do you have anyone else in the house who can help?

DH as SAHP used to do all the housework as he has very high standards and I am a natural slattern (think leaving mugs to go mouldy blush etc). Recently we swapped as he had to go back to work.

What I do to keep on top of it is - I have a rule that anything left on the floor is not for me to deal with (I can't anyway) so DCs pick up after themselves and DH empties bins and does heavy lifting like hoovering every day the freak . I have a big IKEA bag for bringing down washing (can't wait for a stairlift!) and do a couple of washes and tumble drys a day. We have quite a few DC but the upside is they're old enough to help. They pick up, dust and Hoover their rooms and DH changes the beds weekly. I wash up whenever I need to but leave the pots and Heavy stuff for DH. I pick a different room a day for example, clean the bathroom as much as I can on Monday, kitchen on Tuesday, lounge on Wednesday...we have a small house which also helps.if I'm having a flare up I don't do much and DH does it, but I feel guilty as he works long hours and looks after me and DC very well. He is also forever telling me to leave the cleaning to him but this may be my lack of skills in this area smile

So in summary grin I would recommend you pay or get someone to get it up to speed for you and then do any heavy or "beyond you" stuff regularly. If you can, throw money at it! Otherwise just do a little and often as much as you can. If I can keep the room where we spend the most time presentable it helps me to feel calmer. I have extendable feather duster things so I don't have to try and reach. I am also saving for a lightweight cordless Hoover. I buy the best cleaning products I can as they require less scrubbing/physical effort. I don't iron or hang stuff out, I use the dryer blush I also have lever arm things on taps which makes life easier.

PurpleHairAndPearls Sun 16-Aug-15 15:03:20

Cross post as I spent so long typing smile

"Meaningful activity" is not housework, in my book! If you have an OT, is there any help avilable through personal budget or social care? I probably already know the answer to that! If you get PIP could you use a little for a cleaner?

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