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Disabled and pregnant any advice

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Mum2b2016 Sun 09-Aug-15 17:27:29

I have cerebral palsy and I have just found out I am pregnant. 4 weeks I have been wishing to get pregnant for so long, now that I am I don't know what to do. I am worrying about how I will manage with my baby and a disability I have a very supportive husband who is brilliant but I worry about how I will cope. I walk with two sticks and have limited balance. I know people with disabilities get pregnant and cope, but I am not sure how they do there seems to be little if information and support available for parents with disabilities and I feel totally overwhelmed. I have emailed the disabled parents network and local council but no response . Has anyone any advice.

nogravitasatall Sun 09-Aug-15 17:37:58

I don't know if this will help, but both my parents have cp. My mum also walked with two sticks until recently when she has had to use a wheelchair more. They more than coped with me, an able bodied child! I have two children of my own now, to which they are involved and amazing grandparents. You will be fine! (My favourite part of being a child of disabled parents - access to all the parts of stately homes that people don't usually get to see!)
Obviously I've been very light hearted and encouraging here, there will be challenges ahead, but you'll do brilliantly!

Mum2b2016 Sun 09-Aug-15 18:28:43

Thank you it really does help to hear some postive stories. Much appreciated!

PotteringAlong Sun 09-Aug-15 18:32:35

Sounds bizarre, but see if you have a sling library near you. Try to find one with an actual sling consultant because they'll know what they're talking about, but they will be able to help you so that if, for example, you ever use a wheelchair, there are ways of having the baby safely in the sling with you and then later almost tying them onto your lap so they can see out.

And many many congratulations grinflowers

Mum2b2016 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:58:30

Not heard of the sling library will check it out! Thank you for the info

Peep70 Tue 11-Aug-15 05:49:26

Hi there Mum2be!
Huge congrats first of all smile
I'm 22 weeks with my first child. I have spina bifida with mainly effects me below the knees but also in my hips. I walk permanently with elbow crutches and I can't stand without a crutch or walk without 2. There is quite a lot on the net for mums in wheelchairs but I could literally find nothing for crutch users/ if u google it's just people that had to use crutches for a wee while whilst preggers and therefore act like it is the end of the world ;)
I have had some success by joining a Facebook page called "disabled parents unite" which u have to apply to join. I have also been looking at
Which u probably know about. I am seeing an OT next week but I'm not hugely hopeful about how helpful that will be! Am also looking into getting a wheelchair and going to a sling library. I obvs haven't had the baby yet! So I'm as clueless as u but I know it can feel like ur the only disabled woman to ever be preggers when faced with well meaning but inexperienced professionals! Happy to chat. Good luck with the pregnancy!! Xxx

Mum2b2016 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:20:39

Hi peep 70
Congratulations to you too and thanks for replying to my message, it's nice to hear from someone in a similar situation, although I am not as far along as you I have been doing some research and I know what you mean it's like no disabled women in the world has ever got pregnant. But I have been in touch with the disabled parents network and they have let me know about this site called remap who make adaptions and alterations to items like prams etc and create a equipment to help with parenting. They have given me a contact for my local branch but I haven't contacted them yet as I am only in the early stages of pregnancy and don't want to tempt fate. But it may be worth you contacting them . If you wouldn't mind keeping me up to date with how you find the ot appointment as it may be something I use further down the line, congratulations again xx

louisew24 Mon 17-Aug-15 17:16:56

hi, loved reading your thread, as really reminded me of when i was first pregnant, we found it really hard to get any support and didn't really pursue it as we didn't know what to expect. Almost 5 difficult years later we are pregnant again and planning on doing things differently this time. we have contacted adult services about additional support for the first few months. its hard to ask for help, but i really advise doing it. I have built a great network of friends who are on hand if i need them. my DD is now 4 and off to school in Sept, she is happy and healthy and takes my disability (physical) in her stride. she realises mummy can't do everything, but we've adapted and its good. I'm sure baby no 2 will throw an extra spanner in the works, but we are prepared this time. There really is a lack of support out there. Midwifes and health visitors are great pregnancy wise but no help with baby care. good luck, i will keep an eye our for how you are getting along. I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant.

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