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Any Autistic Parents with NT children?

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Reginamangina Sat 01-Aug-15 00:39:30

I've come across many autistic parents with autistic children but no autistic parents with only NT children. I can't be the only one???

Reginamangina Mon 03-Aug-15 10:48:49

Maybe I am the only one sad

ProudAS Thu 13-Aug-15 22:54:43

DF is NT but suspect his mother was autistic

cuntycowfacemonkey Thu 13-Aug-15 22:58:48

My dad has ASD I am NT as is my sister, my brother is autistic. I have one NT child and one with ASD.

CrohnicallyAspie Sat 22-Aug-15 08:22:50

I have Asperger's, and have a DD who is 2 and as far as I know she is NT.

cariadisnaehappy Sat 22-Aug-15 08:24:13

I have non identical twin boys, one is NT, and one is autistic - it can be interesting smile

cariadisnaehappy Sat 22-Aug-15 08:24:55

Sorry hit post too soon, their father was autistic smile

BarbarianMum Wed 07-Oct-15 22:30:49

DBiL has Aspergers. Both his children are nt. You are not the only one.

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