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Still suffering from Severe SPD 14weeks after birth

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Aahleigh1989 Tue 10-Mar-15 23:39:21

I'm not sure if I'm on the right thread, I just need advice and a moan!!
I started with hip and back pain, my feet felt like they were on fire around 12 weeks pregnant. After being assessed I was told it is SPD in my hips and back and plantar faciatus (I think that's how it's spelt lol) in my feet. By 14 weeks I was on crutches and couldn't be stood up or walking for longer than a few minutes, i have pretty much been house bound since then. It is better since I had her 14 weeks ago,for example I can stay on my feet for a little longer and I can get temporary relief. However if I do anything it puts me out for days. I can't go out unless someone is with my just incase my hips give in, when my daughter was a week old my hips gave in at the top of the stairs and I fell right the way down with her sad thank god she was ok! I however was black and blue. My hips dislocate often and my back is agony, I fall all the time, I can't get myself in and out of the bath. I don't dare carry my daughter up and down the stairs incase I fall. Until I was pregnant I was a full time carer for my partners son, my house was always immaculate and I was very independent. I feel like I have completely lost who I am, I can no longer care for the children properly or even clean my house! I am absolutely miserable. My partner unfortunately (luckily) lost his job when I was 20 weeks pregnant but he is due to go back to work next week. What do I do about child care? There is no way I can get his son to school, what if I fall when no one is there? I'm terrified for him to go back but he has to. I am having physiotherapy but it doesn't help, I have tramadol and it doesn't even take the edge off. I am sick of hearing myself about it so I dread to think what everyone else thinks!! I do have family and friends that help but they have their own lives and as I said I need to be able to do things alone. When my partner is out I stay upstairs so I don't have to carry my daughter down the stairs or risk falling. I'm sorry to have gone on but I feel so helpless, I always took my health for granted and I feel so stupid for it sad( please any advice on how to cope day to day or how other people manage with kids when they're in a similar situation would be great x

ClearlyMoo Tue 10-Mar-15 23:50:21

Didn't want to read and run. You poor thing! I had SPD and sciatic nerve pain in late pregnancy. It came back after birth. I honestly have no idea when it stopped because I had other serious health complications when DD was 6 weeks and that over ruled. It's awful. Can you see a physio capable of manipulation or who works with an Osteopath?!

FirstNames Tue 10-Mar-15 23:53:28

Sorry to hear that, I too had severe spd, I was going to post a thread actually because now 12 weeks after birth I can feel it starting up again. will be watching this thread.

flowers to you I hope somebody comes along with good advice.

Aahleigh1989 Wed 11-Mar-15 00:04:02

I'm hoping my new physio that I'm starting with on Monday can do tha, it is just agony sad I was still on crutches for 4 days after I had her, the day I went home I felt fine so I left them at hospital, the pain returned that night and never went again, I do have good days and bad days but tbh the good days still aren't livable! Like I said I just feel so miserable with it all. I need my independence back, I'm worried it will never happen, I want to work when my daughter starts school, I want to play with the kids and just do normal things.. Even just walk to the corner shop alone!! I never get time to myself because I can't go anywhere sad I just feel stuck sad x

Aahleigh1989 Wed 11-Mar-15 20:28:42

Has no one got any advice?? sad x

Oodear Sun 22-Mar-15 21:19:59

I'm still on crutches 2 years later although I'm finally improving thanks to a vv good private Physio.
Have you seen the pelvic partnership site? They have a list of people who they recommend although I just hit lucky with a local one.
Progesterone is supposed to make it worse so hormonal contraception and pmt can cause more problems

Oodear Sun 22-Mar-15 21:20:29

Oh and get crutches back !

simplydevine05 Sat 09-May-15 14:56:47

Hi, I have hypermobility syndrome that caused severe spd during pregnancy seven years ago. It went after birth and only came back after a fall knocked my hip out of place and my ligaments wouldn't pull it back in place. It took me a long time to find appropriate treatment but I found 12 sessions of prolotherapy in my pelvic joints helped massively and now have a private specialist physio who has been amazing. I see her every month now for a deep muscle massage as my tight muscles drag my hip out of place. I cannot recommend both prolotherapy and a good physio enough. I was in a wheelchair for 14 months and they're the only things that got me out.
Another tip, come off tramadol. It took me a year to come off those things due to the withdrawals. I felt like an addict! They didn't even work with the pain.
Wishing you lots of luck, it's a nasty thing to deal with and if left untreated for too long it causes more problems, hence why I still have muscle problems four years after knocking my hip.


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