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What crutches do you use?

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PavlovtheCat Sat 11-Oct-14 16:09:06

I need to buy some more crutches, mostly, so I don't use the horrible grey ones any more.

I used to use them sparingly but now needing them more and more, so comfort is important. And I don't want them to click-click-click as I walk!

I tend to use one crutch (bad back), as two mean I can't do anything else, no holding the hands of children etc.

I have been looking at the open cuffed ones, and wonder if they will be more comfortable? Close cuff ones mean I always get my coat cuffs caught on them etc, but, I also tend to lean on them, which is useful.

What do you use and why? In particular those who have back problems and children but any advice is good really.

FrancesNiadova Wed 15-Oct-14 18:46:12

I went on to cute, patterned sticks. MISTAKE! I ended up with such prolonged back pain that, as I'd also had breast cancer, involved me having to have a scan for spinal mets. Turned out I've damaged 2 discs because of my walking position.
The crutches, although not glam, give a better upright walking position.
So please be careful when ditching your NHS crutches, they're designed that way for a reason.
Best wishes thanks

OodneedsanOod Wed 22-Oct-14 21:55:21

I went through this a few months ago and ended sticking with the nhs ones. I tried some open cuff ones but didn't like them (same as you difficult to lean on).

Peep70 Fri 24-Jul-15 18:32:53

Thomas fetterman! Look online. They are madly madly expensive... But last about ten years. These are my second pair. They are seriously amazing and I think they protect ur shoulders and wrists from strain. They are also fab to prevent sliding on slippy floors. I couldn't use anything else now. Any mums or mums to be out there who are permanent crutch users?!

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