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Do I declare my disability on application form?

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Grockle Tue 09-Sep-14 20:18:43

I know legally it shouldn't be used against me but, in practice, it might be. Do I declare that I suffer from ME or will that make them think I am unreliable? (I am registered disabled and have a blue badge)

Posted in going back to work but was hoping someone here might see this/

Oodlives Fri 12-Sep-14 08:10:35

I've declared disability if it may give an advantage blush as in ' all candidates who are disabled and meet minimum criteria will get an interview' but it bit back once as they didn't understand my disability and kept suggesting I'd be unable to do the job.

sambob73 Sun 25-Jan-15 07:13:59

Hi I dont know if this will be of any use to you but there is a downloadable booklet thing on[0]=im_field_protected_characteristi%3A2 called Pre-employment health questions: guidance for job applicants on Section 6o

senvet Mon 26-Jan-15 00:06:47

I wouldn't declare it at the application form stage unless it expressly asks (but of course the form shouldn't)

If it won't affect the job then bring plenty of proof.

There will come a point when it would be wrong not to declare it so be ready..

Good Luck

Slippersmum Mon 08-Jun-15 13:29:21

I was told it is illegal to ask. Even at the interview although in some cases, such as mine they would know when they saw me. I wouldn't want to work somewhere were there wasn't lots of support though, which I would need. Its a tough one isn't it. Are you ok to work with ME? I really feel for you. I had a period of chronic fatigue following my last hospital admission and it was really terrible. It is such an underestimated and mis-understood condition. Hope it all goes well for you. Good luck

Mrsjayy Mon 08-Jun-15 13:33:27

If you dont think it will hinder you then dont put it in i mix and matched when i was applying for jobs (im not fit to work now)its a tricky situation employers should make adaptions offer job share etc but in reality you might be overlooked

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