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ratatouie Mon 03-Mar-14 16:50:13



I booked car rental at Edinburgh Airport for Friday. I have a disabled son and prebooked online thinking that this would save time at the other end (travelling isn't easy with a child with complex needs) and spoke to the manager in the days preceding emphasising this. On Friday I turned up at the car rental centre (having had a very very difficult journey). There was one person serving. There was a queue forming behind a french couple who were taking ages so I asked the woman on the service desk whether there was anyone else to help. She said not I sat back down, my son at this point was going mental and becoming distressed. I waited for a further 5 minutes before going to desk again and pleading whether I could be seen first whilst the couple were choosing their car as I really needed to get away and continue my journey. The woman on the service desk was very rude and dismissive and told me that she didn't want to serve me and that I was 'very rude' (this was a phrase that she was to use almost perpetually over the next 45 minutes.

I then sat back down, another customer was kindly able to help me supervise my son whilst I waited. When it was my turn I went to the counter to be served at which she said that she wouldn't serve me as I was so rude. I then told her I would be making a formal complaint - she then told me that I HAD NO CHOICE AS TO WHEN I WAS ABLE TO MAKE COMPLAINT (clearly not really aware of consumer rights) she put me on the phone to the manager, complaining vociferously about me before putting a weak benign man who kept telling me to 'calm down' and that I should wait my turn and didn't do anythign to help the situation when realistically I wouldn't have been upset had I not just been refused a) service and b) to make a complaint in my own time.

The woman on the service desk then dragged out the process - when she had to get my car seat she then started berating me for 'expecting me to split myself in half' I told her that I would rather she didn't talk to me any further at which she stormed off, again calling me rude.

Also the manager didn't even now how to install the car seat? Where on earth do you get your staff?

Unbelievable failure of customer serivce, worst ever. Left me in tears

I'm not familiar with the ethos of sixt car rental but its clearly failing on every level.

[Message edited by MNHQ to remove a real-life name]

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