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is there help out there

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typoqueen Fri 20-Sep-13 23:19:41

my dh has been disabled for 18 years since an accident at work, we have managed quite well with it all till recently mainly due to the medication he is on has had a profound affect on his short tem memory, so much so that he overdosed on morphine last year as he had forgotten he had already taken it, I gave up work last December to care for him full time and as he could no longer be trusted to look after our dd (6) on his own between her finishing school and me finishing work, all was ok to start with, we got by made lots of adjustments and were very carful with money, but my only worry is heating, I know for a fact that this winter we just don't have any money for heating oil and its about to run out, I notice that there are lots of grants for help with new boilers and heating systems, and insulation but does anyone know if there is actually any help with purchasing heating oil, the minimum we can buy is 500 litres which is around 340.00, we can get a pay monthly budget from the oil company but they insist we have to pay for 500 ltrs first then monthly payments of 50.00 I have phoned several oil companies and they all say the same...or is it a case of no help and we have to hibernate in one room with hot water bottles and duvets

Mynewmoniker Sat 21-Sep-13 11:50:52

Contact your local Social Services about your predicament and see what they advise.

Also, have a look at what local charities are around; Lions, ...... Trust. They sometime grant money to local worthy causes. Some of them have quite a bit of money to dispose of and can be very generous.

Big hug for all the hard work, care and love you are giving thanks.

slapandpickle Mon 14-Oct-13 18:20:39

very late but contact your local council adult social care scheme and ask about the Warm Homes Healthy People scheme, or your local CAB can help. Grants for fuel costs for disabled people.

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