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wheelchair accessible cot

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newmummynow Sat 24-Aug-13 13:51:59

Does anyone have a front opening cot suitable for a wheelchair user.

wouldbemedic Tue 31-Dec-13 19:36:04

Hi there, I'm sorry I missed this post and hope this response might still be of some use. There are wheelchair accessible cots but they are expensive. Some people have used grants/awards from the NHS to purchase one - but obviously that has to be done ahead of time! There is a charity called Disability, Pregnancy and Parenting International (DPPI) that have collected lots of information about disabled parenting aids. For a very small fee, they will talk you through what's available and send you a booklet about it. You can also think about contacting charities that adapt equipment for people with disabilities - try Remap and BIME. Remap has a database called - I think - Remapedia. It takes a bit of trawling but they've created quite a few adaptations like wheelchair accessible cots and seats on wheelchairs etc. It's a lot cheaper than buying a ready-made adapted cot. If any of this is useful and I can help further, feel free to PM me. There's also the Disabled Parenting Network who have a good facebook forum and a helpline offering some social support. Good luck and congratulations on your baby smile

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