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Disabled parents in Cheltenham/Gloucester?

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SKS1981 Fri 09-Aug-13 13:03:41

Hi everyone,

I am a disabled Mum, I've been ill since I had my son two years ago October.

I've gone from a successful career climbing the ladder to literally being unable to climb the stairs!

Since having my son my legs, arms, sometimes my speech and now my eyesight has been affected.

I'm just in the final throws of having hashimotos encepalopathy diagnosed and treated. Its a really rare condition which is why it has taken so long to diagnose. There isn't any cure just rounds of treatment.

I don't have a chair, I just have stick. But I find it very hard even doing basic things like getting bread!

It would be really good to hear from people who are in this area and in a similar position.

Best wishes,


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