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Getting gait back after pregnancy!

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SianFry Thu 08-Aug-13 13:39:37


I have mild spastic cerebral palsy that effects my right hand side. Generally speaking I’m lucky enough to be independently mobile and cope with things on a day to day basis with a few tweaks and modifications. My one year old adds a few challenges into the mix but most days I can manage.

I had to use crutches during pregnancy due to bad pelvic girdle pain but with the aid of a chiropractic the discomfort of that has (largely speaking) gone. I thought things were returning to normal. However, I saw a video of myself the other day and was shocked by just how different my gait is! I don’t like it and am keen to improve it as soon as possible.

Was just wondering if there is anybody else here that has had to cope with a deterioration of gait post-partum, cerebral palsy related or otherwise? How did you recover it (as much as you could)? Any hints/tips? I know joints etc. all get a little looser during pregnancy but how long was it until your felt that joints were ‘normal’? (if you did at all)

My GP is being as useful as a chocolate teapot! He might refer me to a physio but only after I have a blood test and even then wait three months for a referral. Am keen to make improvements sooner than that!

Thank you,


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