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General PIP/everything whinge...

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Have been struggling with my arthritis for the last year, trying to carry on as much as normal, which has has a significant effect on my marriage. My DH is just going back to work this week after two months off with depression, and I have decided I need to sort out help to get myself in order. We have two toddlers and DH has a demanding, physical job, his health is already affected, he cant be a full time carer for me on top of this.

So first things first, looking at random stuff online and I have applied for my PIP and here is where I whinge... I've also looked at getting help in the community, getting the "green card", gym membership for the swimming to help improve my joints, household alterations, occupational health etc. And all of it seems to be dependant on me being approved for PIP. I've heard awful things about people with serious, serious problems being denied it, and its worrying me. Why is help on a local level dependant on recieving a national benefit?


Anxiety is kicking in now, and has been under control for ages sad

normaanne123 Wed 14-Aug-13 17:10:37

Hi,sorry but you will find some things are linked to pip, its wrong because its now about money not people and their needs. Try finding out if you have a local Welfare Rights office because they will help & support you. I know it is hard but the first thing has got to be pain control, it has took me years to get control. I have tried everything and now use Fentanyl patches and for the first time in years I feel like I can cope with the pain. Keep asking your GP about what's available to help, he can refer you to occupational health etc. Also research pain control and don't be afraid to tell him what you want to try. Keep talking to your partner about both of your feelings, rope in Grandma/Grandad for babysitting so you can go out as a couple. Also are there family or friends who can help with things in house & garden. Don't be afraid to ask, I know it doesn't feel right but if they are there when you are well then they should be prepared to be there when you need them also. It's hard having children when you are fit and even harder when you are disabled. Find a Evangelical church and no matter what your beliefs they will help you. Join a remedial Pilates group which is aimed specifically at those with health problems. The exercise will be good and the group support will help you. See if both of you can be referred for counselling to help you both to cope with the changes. Good luck, let us know how you go on, I will be thinking of you all. Your journey is not unlike my own but my children are older now, I have survived it so far.

Little update smile
My health and mobility keep getting worse, but (today at least) my head is in a much better place

- Social services have officially registered me as disabled and put me on the rather long waiting list for assessment of needs.
- My mum has agreed to come around once a week and help out with keeping on top of the house. And any time i have visitors, they help out with something. Being honest about how much I'm struggling has made a huge difference.
- My PIP assessment has been moved back to next week, but at least soon I'll have an answer on it, either way... (Eek!)
- I am going to speak to my GP this week about how bad my mobility has gotten, so hopefully I'll be able to sort out bus pass/ blue badge without having to rely on my PiP.

tatyr Sun 01-Dec-13 10:15:57

Has your GP referred you for physio to see if they can improve your mobility at all? And if your hands are affected you may also benefit from seeing an nhs occupational therapist, who would look at splints and supports, in addition to the social service occupational therapist, who will deal with equipment or adaptations in your home.

Hope you had some positive progress since your last post :-)

I have, thank you. Yay! grin

I spoke to my GP after my last post and she referred for physio, and I had my initial "fill-em-in" appointment two weeks ago, my next one is next week.

Sorted out blue badge and bus pass with the council and have got them both now, so thats one less thing to worry about

My PIP assessment appointment was moved back again but I have finally had it now (earlier this week)

Have a rheumy appt on friday, so will speak to her then about occupational therapist. I'll put it on the list - writing everything down cause I'm useless at remembering!

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