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Accessible cot/playpen for parent in wheelchair

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ehuard Sun 09-Jun-13 13:34:11

Hi all,

my husband uses a wheelchair, and we're looking for a cot he can access. Ideally he would be able to lift up our little daughter. We found out this is not possible with our current crib: I've got to pick up our baby and hand it to him, so that doesn't allow him to take care of her by himself, and that's not ideal for father-daughter bonding time.
The problem is that he can't lean forward too much for balance, so he'd probably need a cot where a side can be removed and he can slide under it?
Now we have to buy her a cot which will probably last a couple of years.

We've looked into cot with sliding sides, but I'm not sure that would work either. There are shops that sell cots with side doors, but they're incredibly expensive (in the thousands of pounds).

Do you have advice, tips to give us?
(same for playpens)


flowerflo Tue 11-Jun-13 23:29:00

My disability sounds a bit different as I have a muscle wasting condition but don't use a wheelchair. I can't bend forward due to lack of strength and find it hard to lift my baby. However hopefully this will help - I have a fantastic cot that was adapted by a charity called Remap. I would highly recommend them and as its a charity all adaptations are free. I bought a normal cot then they raised the height for me and redesigned the side so it opens like a door. I know they have made other designs for wheelchair users. I used a bedside cot until she was 7 months then have used my adapted cot ever since. She's now nearly 18 months and I've coped independently thanks to remap smile Let me know if you need any more info xxx

flowerflo Tue 11-Jun-13 23:30:11

If you PM your email I could send you a photo of my cot if that helps x

ehuard Fri 21-Jun-13 14:02:02

Hi flowerflo,
thanks a lot! will pm you my email. Remap sounds like a really nice initiative.

fabergeegg Tue 02-Jul-13 13:56:29

I second remap. They're amazing! You may also want to try the charity DPPI - Disability, Pregnancy and Parenting Support International. They have a helpline you can call and will probably offer to send you a little booklet full of ideas like these. But you will probably need Remap to make those ideas a reality.

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