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temporarilly deaf

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missblah Tue 30-Apr-13 10:16:41

I am wondering if their are any mums on here with hearing dissabilities that can advise me, I have a massive middle ear infection and am completely deaf the doctor thinks it will take about a fortnight for me to get my hearing back. Im having real trouble trying to explain this to my 3year old son as this is not a problem he has grown up with he does not understand, I have tried to explain that mummy cant hear and he needs to come right up to my shoulder an shout at me so i understand but he is getting very frustrated, is there anything i can do to try and make this any easier for him as he is getting very frustrated and is very young to take this in, any advice would be much appreciated smile

megandraper Fri 03-May-13 16:00:50

Oh dear, poor you. Even when they've grown up with it, they aren't that great IME - I am partly deaf and can hear very little without my hearing aids in - my 5yo and 3yo will sometimes just refuse to come closer or talk in my ear at those times (usually in the middle of the night).

Only advice is for you to stay calm (difficult when they are frustrated) and keep repeating the same refrain - perhaps something along the lines of 'Mummy's ears are broken, stand closer' etc.

At least it will be over soon, and he'll forget all about this bit.

witchface Fri 07-Jun-13 15:34:37

My dh wears hearing aids and it is a problem getting dd to understand he can't hear when he has them out even though she has grown up with it. Intellectually she knows but it doesn't stop her not looking at him while talking or getting his attention before she starts talking.

We just have to keep reminding her, sorry not a great solution for you.

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