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Anybody have a 3 wheeled umbrella stroller?

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FatGoth Fri 15-Mar-13 10:36:49

I am a wheelchair user, and once my daughter is too big for thie sling, or we have another baby, I need a wheelchair/pushchair combo solution. I had thought of getting a mobility scooter and putting some sort of seat on that, but that would make it very difficult to go into shops etc, and it would be a swine if it broke down. It would also mean I wouldn't get much exercise! I have found a company (BIME) that makes a wheelchair pushchair, but at £900 it's completely out of my league. So what I propose is to make my own. I used to be a welder, and I know one end of a screwdriver form the other. Ideally, I need something with 3 wheels because that would make turning a long chair easier. It needs ideally to umbrella fold because once my dog, my daughter and my wheelchair are in my car there isn't much room for anything else. It needs to be as lightweight as possible, so the cheaper ones are a good bet as they are made of thinner, lighter steel. If successful, I want to publish this, and other stuff I have made to make babycare from a chair a bit easier, but I really need a stroller to start with. Argos make a suitable 4 wheeler, but does anyone know of a suitable 3 wheeler?

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