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pipsqueakz Fri 15-Mar-13 09:14:26

So this is my story, four years ago my husband fell ill with stomach problems went to gp they diagnosed ibs. But that should be ok to deal with? diet change exercise take tablets. Well we were in for the ride of our lives not in a good way. He started to get severe pain that's when the admissions to hospital started. Still to be diagnosed with ibs constipation. Sent home many a time with laxatives and enemas. How embarrasing we thought. But the admissions got more frequent surely constipation and belly ache shouln't warrent a 999 call entinox morphine etc? This was our life nearly every other day at all hours sometimes not coming home til 6am from a&e with grandparents babysitting. Bear in mind i'm ill myself with chronic illness and have three children to look after.
Then we were referred to a gastroenterologist we thought he was great. He tried so hard to help but my husbands symptoms were too complex my husband was his biggest headache so he told me. Another consultant told me once the situation only affects the patient not the family i have living proof that this is not the case! My husband and i had enough. At our witts end. So i went to see my gp, i broke my heart in his office. I was desperate for help. He told me about a centre of excellence but was a 360mile round trip. I didn't care if i had to get him to the other side of the world if he got the help the diagnosis then it would be worth it. So we got the refferal. As soon as my husband got there he was treated with respect and dignity. And within four hours and one xray they could see it was his STOMACH not his intestines or bowels. Along came the diagnosis of severe gastroparesis. Wow we have a diagnosis probably one of any to be found but we can atleast accept or should i say find a coping regeme. He startend with diet and tablets for six months however this didn't really help now has a gastrostomy tube for venting and de compression. Unfortunately now this is failing us and this month is back on the miracle hospital I call it for enters feeding to give his stomach a rest and see if its stomach or nerve damage will keep you posted. Thank you for taking time to read my thread. [Smile]

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