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learning difficulties/dyslexia not sure if posted in right place

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msnaughty Sun 10-Feb-13 21:28:45

I was not sure where to post. But here go's I went to a school for people with learning difficulties. I don't have any gcse. I Know that i have dyslexia. I don't know how to use grammer And im no good with numbers numbers just kind of dance around. And there are so many words that i don't understand that are probably everyday words to most. I have to have things explained to me over and over again. and it takes a while to sink in. for example if someone showed me how to work a till in a shop the next day i would forget how to use it. I did not really think any of this effected me but when i started doing a bit of volunteer work it did and things really started to show.

so it feels that i don't have a basic education. and it feels like its going to be near impossible for me to find any sort of work.... all the cleaning jobs i have seen they want experience or you have to drive... for a care job some want gcse. and i have looked at super market jobs which are all early morning or night shifts and im a single parent so no one to have children in the evening...

if anyone has any suggestions would be great thank you

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