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Hi all, are there any mums on here with Spina Bifida?

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WheelybodsDH Fri 11-Jan-13 10:51:00

Hi all, this is my first posting so please go easy on me, My DW is 16 weeks pregnant and also has Spina Bifida and is unable to walk so uses a wheelchair. We have been looking around for information regarding peoples experiences with having spina Bifida and being pregnant, but am unable to find anything, are there any MNers that are able to provide any first hand accounts of this, as we are unsure what to expect re: back pain etc.

Thank you

WaftyCrank Sat 09-Feb-13 07:11:12

Not me personally however my DMum has Spina Bifida and had myself and my younger sister. More than happy to ask any questions you may have. I know due to her problems she couldn't give birth naturally but also couldn't have an epidural so had a caesarean under general anaesthetic for the births.

Snowhite Thu 21-Feb-13 11:58:16

Me, i have sb and am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby . First pregnancy was not good in and out of hospital with severe kidney problems but this pregnancy is alot better being looked after by 2 consultants and so far so good. In terms of delivery i had a c section under ga at 37 weeks and will have the same again.

mrsjay Mon 18-Mar-13 10:26:28

yes me I know this is an oldish thread I have 2 teenage children I was in an dout of hospital with kidney problems and went into labour early this was stopped until i delivered them at 36 and 35 weeks I was prepped for a section but delivered them myself no epidural though , I hope your wife is ok

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