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Keeping toddler by your side

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Reenypip Wed 07-Nov-12 19:58:28

Advice needed!
When we are out places, and I want to let my 18 month old boy have some freedom to walk about with us, he is constantly on the go and is off. He won't hold anyone's hand for more than 1 minute. And if explain he had to stay by our side and not run off, he has a temper. I do have reins, but are short, and it's almost impossible to use with wheelchair.
Example, earlier went out, my partner was busy playing a game, but I wanted time with my son to walk (and roll about with me).
Straight away he was off. Even if I tried encouraging him to look at something the way I wanted to go. He didn't care and did what he wanted. I tried the bye bye method and started going in different direction to him, and he couldn't care less and went other way.
He attempted to go up some steps, but I grabbed the reins and pulled him back (as I would be stuffed, as I can't go up steps in my chair).
He then had a huge temper throwing his body, screaming, kicking his shoes off. Over powering me.

Is it a boy thing?

Any ideas / tips?

DrSeuss Thu 08-Nov-12 10:10:29

Reins plus dog lead? We tried that, worked fine! Be prepared for a few stares!

CMOTDibbler Thu 08-Nov-12 17:06:40

With a LittleLife back pack, you can put a longer dog lead on them which would let you tie to your chair and clip onto him.

The tantrum thing is a toddler joy I'm afraid. Just sit there and ignore him till he is a bit saner then try a quick distraction. Smile at passers by.

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