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1st time on here needing advice about CB please help :(

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lizzy5061 Fri 12-Oct-12 20:44:47

Hi all i have a 8m lb he was born full term but i had prolonged rubtures of the membranes and baby was back to back labour ended up 38 hours both got very stressed the midwife was just about to call for a c-sec when she said im cutting you babys struggling andf out he came a huge cone head blue all over they whisked him away when i finally got to see him he was in SCBU on c-pap They said he was completly flat and took 6 mins on cpr to revive him and he may not make it. Cut a long story short he was fitting constantly so the put him on phenobardiol and sedated him over the folling 2 weeks he came round breathing on his own and they slowley started weaning him on the ffitting meds which he had stopped ffitting. The docs never told me why he was fitting he had a lumber puncture and a MRI scan whild in there both where clear as ffar as they could tell but said brain was still swolled from dificalt birth. He stayed in scbu for 3 weeks he came home on no meds etc and never got a reason as to what happend and why etc. Just outpatiant to check his evelopment. hes doing ok everyone keeps saying but here are a ffew odd things iv noticed.

Prefers his right side always picks up a toy with right unless you hold good un
Only rolls on way.
Hes now almost 9 months and still wobberly when sat up.
Hes can bear weight for a second before his legs give way
He failed his hearing test on his lefft side.
Not crawlingf as arms seem very week
Constantly kicking his legs about
when he crys he clenches his fists and they shake.

Just worried that he has got CB doctors refusing to do any tests untill hes classed as "behind" in a milestone anyone else think he has it by the things iv listed? Would a mri show cb now? Anyone with there stories when/how did you nitice your l'o cb so sorry for the huge post just desperate for advice/simmilefr situations xx smile

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