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Any advice on navigating the minefield that is Employment and Support Allowance?

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dandycandyjellybean Sat 06-Oct-12 10:57:45

DH is disabled following a m/c accident 19yrs ago and is currently in receipt of incap and full rate dla. Just had the form telling us he needs to be assessed for ESA. Looked at the criteria on internet, and basically if you can chew and swallow and are not about to die you should be in work. Has anyone had any experience of this and any advice? I am in tears and feel scared. sad

ThoughtBen10WasBadPokemonOMG Sat 06-Oct-12 11:04:57

I have already claimed ESA (c) for 365 and am now in the assessment stage of another claim for ESA. I subscribed to the Benefits and Work website and they have a great guide for how to complete the form. I was not in receipt of any DLA or anything the first time that I was successful.

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