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Please help with wheelchair blankets & bags/ pouches

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Grockle Tue 25-Sep-12 16:30:39

I've never ventured onto this board but am slowly accepting that I am, at least temporarily, disabled. I have a wheelchair but am so cold in it, I go out looking like a 90 yr old eskimo - big coat with furry hood and blankets galore.

Is there such a thing as a wheelchair blanket that doesn't make me look like I am 90? I've been using a folded fleecy one but it gets caught in the wheels or blows in the wind. I have a sewing machine so could adapt something if need be.

Also, what do people do with their handbag? I have tried various ones but they get in the way when I am in my chair. I wondered about trying to make a pouch to attach to the arms but I can't think well enough atm to make it.

I'd really like a cup holder too!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Grockle Tue 25-Sep-12 20:18:33


Grockle Thu 27-Sep-12 11:10:20

Desperate bump

R2PeePoo Thu 27-Sep-12 13:26:52

<disclaimer I'm not a wheelchair user or disabled>

Could you adapt the blanket with velcro to make sort of a footmuff affair? I did this for DS when I couldn't find a footmuff to fit his pushchair. I had a waist strap which I attached to the corners of the blanket and wrapped around his waist so that it couldn't slip down and off him. Then the material went straight down his legs to his feet, over and under his feet and velcroed at the back of his legs. It cost about £2 in velcro.

With the handbag- what about a cross body strap with little pouches-one for money, one for phone etc and everything else in a rucksack hanging off the back of the wheelchair. This is hideous but gives sort of the idea, like an ammunition bandolier.

Grockle Thu 27-Sep-12 18:14:46

R2PeePoo (DS is watching Star Wars so your name made me smile), thank you ever so much. The blanket thing is a great idea - simple but should work well.

That is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for - to use instead of a handbag. I was wondering about making something similar to attach to the armrests, with a pouch for my phone, keys & money. That's really helped.


R2PeePoo Thu 27-Sep-12 18:38:19

Glad I could help a bit.

Ebay has some of those bags and so do military/army surplus sites.

Hope you find what you are looking for. grin

Acumens100 Thu 27-Sep-12 18:51:33

Yes, they exist. There's actually a burgeoning market in wheelchair adapted clothing, of all kinds. You can get suits, for example, that are cut very short in front and really long in back so they hang properly when you're sitting down. And stripper trousers, with poppers/velcro down the sides so you can put them on in the chair.

A lot of it is terrible and for old people, but not all. See

But if you look at the terrible styles, you can nick their practical ideas - the big one being the "long in back, short in front" general approach. One thing we've found is that you can get lots of good cheap thermals from Army Surplus, and on eBay there are loads of tailors that will make custom clothes to any measurement. DP has a great linen suit he had made that way. Here are some links:

Also there are loads of wheelchair bags. Loads! Or if you dislike the styles, we get webbing from the army and navy and just strap it on. Disability is a lot like camping-- you're camping out in the able bodied forest. Make friends with velcro! :D

Sheila123456 Thu 01-Nov-12 18:56:09

Hi there, I bought a really cool wheelchair blanket with a waterproof pocket for my nephew. He uses a laptop and the pocket is designed to fit standard size laptop or I guess handbag items. I got the red with the navy pocket but it also comes in a yellow with black pocket. I'll find you the link. He's loved it and gets really good comments on it wherever he goes. The company is called Assisted Living Clothing and I believe that all their items are made in England. Good luck with keeping warm and cosy, I know it's now always easy with a wheelchair. x PS website is

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