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Direct payments

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SunnyCarrie Sun 08-Jul-12 19:01:04


How do I get direct payments and can you get them if you haven't had carers from Adult Social Services before? Also can you use them to help get someone who is child centred to come out with you and your toddler so you can get out and make some face to face friends for both me and my child?

It is isolating, I am miss happy, miss strong so I know I and my disabled husband give the impression of no challenge too small to Occupational Therapists so we don't get given this advice etc All my friends are very healthy and single but there is one mate and she is very child centred so was wondering if direct payments can pay her to help me get out to aqua swim at our local group hydrotherapy pool etc?

Sorry about the questions I am sick of being can do Caro and actually I can't, I am stuck in plaster after ankle replacement, limited mobility, I am the size of a six year old in every dimension and have the muscles of a sheet of paper. Still I will smile and hope someone out there can give me some advice smile

flowerflo Mon 09-Jul-12 14:34:25

I haven't used direct payments myself but do have a little experience of them through my job. I work for a mental health team and some of my clients used them to pay someone to do social activities with them (I.e cinema, gym etc), so I would think you would be able to use them exactly as you describe.

You just need to self refer to your local social services and ask for an assessment of your needs. I can relate to how you feel, I look like miss happy, miss coping fine too!!! I self referred to OT even though everyone looks at me and wonders why I need it! However all my bits of equipment help a lot and make me feel normal. I only remember how disabled i am when i go to someone elses house, as i cant cope in different environments. I find I avoid doing activities with my little girl because I hate asking people to help me. I'm lucky to have very good friends and family who all help without question, but I hate going along to something on my own, then having to ask someone to put her down on the floor etc. I don't look disabled so it's hard for people to understand why I can't do things myself.

SunnyCarrie Sat 14-Jul-12 13:29:33

It is tricky isn't it, I have a stairlift, a dressing stick, an assistant dog and a high up normal sofa but at friends homes they have more trendy low sofas which I can't get up and down for and I totally agree with the awkward situation of asking someone to help you put little one on floor.

I will refer myself and chase it up, thanks for advice x

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