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Baby harness for wheelchair parent

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pen73 Fri 03-Feb-06 18:57:07


My husband is a paraplegic & wheelchair user. Our 6 mo DD really needs a harness to stay in place on his lap so his hands are free to wheel around. We orignally used a Baby Bjorn but she has now outgrown it. We've tried a standard harness & reins type harness but she slides around in that. Does anyone know of anything existing available on the market, or something that can be easily modified? Thanks in advance..

nicm Wed 15-Mar-06 12:16:23

hi not sure if this would hep but i had a hugababy on loan for a few days and used it to carry a nearly 3 yo. it is more like a pouch than a sling. maybe your dh could try this. hth.

SoupDragon Wed 15-Mar-06 12:58:59

I was wondering whether a sling like the ones here would work.

eidsvold Mon 20-Mar-06 09:43:31

just read a book about a mum who used one of the hiking backpacks. She found it invaluable..

would this be ok or too cumbersome

matnanplus Mon 20-Mar-06 10:13:22

Does your husband use a selt belt when in his chair, if yes then this could be a light and unbulky harness.


The high back against his chest then his belt over it so that when baby strapped in the seat belt is under the babies straps so held snugly, if your a sewing bee then fold over and stitch a flap for the belt to go thru.

Hope that helps.

pen73 Thu 18-May-06 06:50:42

Hi all
thanks for the suggestions. In the end we got a bigger baby carrier from Mothercare which does up to 18 mo. It's a bit fiddly but works very well. Also as she's now nearly 10mo she is better at sitting and often just the lapbelt he sometimes uses goes around them both and is fine. Like everything in childcare it's a constantly changing situation. I guess it won't be long and we'll be trying to stop her climbing into his chair and wheeling off leaving him stranded on the sofa....

pen73 Thu 18-May-06 06:52:51

The seat chair suggested by Matnanplus looks great too and I think would work. I've been thinking about getting one of these for trips out anyway, thanks for the idea.

Doogie Mon 29-May-06 21:16:04

Just a suggestion for when your baby is a little older. My DH is a wheelchair user and we've had a buggy which attaches to his chair on loan from the Bath institute of medical engineering (BIME). We've found it invaluble when we're both out and about. We got in touch with them through our local OT. At the moment its a proto-type and not available commercially - but the more people who ask about it the more likely that it will become widely available.

outoftheboxmummy Thu 29-Oct-09 23:06:51

We have a Tricot slen sling.

Its a one piece wrapping cloth that allows you to carry your baby in six different positions to suit his or her development. Easy to use, without straps or buckles (so its comfortable behind the back of someone in a wheelchair)!! 100% Cotton. Suitable from birth to 15kg.

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