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Anyone the same?

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Spongebobskipants Thu 13-Oct-11 09:22:49

Hi I am new to this site but loving all the tips and info on here!

I have a beautiful daughter who is now 8 months old and i am loving motherhood been a long road to get her!

At times i do struggle with my joints when picking her up and carrying her as i have hypo laxity in my wrists due to a small bone facing the wrong way, its starting now to effect my knees, i haven't been back doctors as i presume its the same thing and there is nothing that can be done, i just wondered if there was anyone else with this who can recommend any products that could help! I do have wrist supports to stop the pain but they dont give any strength when lifting.


SunnyCarrie Sat 15-Oct-11 13:55:50

Hi you are absolutely not on your own here!

I have had arthritis since I was 15 months old so most of me is plastic and what is waiting to be plastic is a bit rubbish or wonky. Also comes with deformed joints are odd liganments and weak muscles. So basically I so understand.

My son is 9 months old and I absolutely love it, but sure it is tough on the old rubbish joints. I have a few ideas.

1. Get a cheap stoller.The cheaper they are the less stupid stuff they have on them, fiddly buttons and levers etc. We have one buggy for upstairs and one for downstairs if we can't lift him on bad days. We have a Calypso stroller by Bruin. We purchased this from Babies R Us.

2. A "Bumbo" seat is a godsend for any one with a bad back,poor mobility etc. There are no straps, no fiddly lifting a child over bars you simply sit them in it and they are held tightly by the seat itself. Then you can pile the toys around the seat.

3. Remap- if you struggle this charity is such a godsend. They can adapt things to make lifting easier, for example I brought a Mothercare standard cot that I at least could get the side up and down, they took the cot and in a day adapted it so when he sits up on his own we can drop the base and the side will still come right down to my waist so I can get to him to pick him up.

4. Highchairs-Stupid lifting over bars is daft. I have a travel highchair seat. If you go on my blog you can find out about specific brands etc. The seat straps to one of our chairs easily. You rip the tray off, no levers to pull or push. Undo the harness which we have adapted and put your child in. Really easy, no taking up your room space either and no hurting your wrists, elbows or anything else that can pop out of its socket easily.

5.Taking my mummy hat off a mo and sticking the old Psychologist hat on I think the most important thing for any one with physical difficulties is to make your baby have fun using its muscles,this encourages him or her to get moving on their own and when you are a bit creaky this is a great thing and nice for your child too. A mummy on my blog suggested the Jumperoo is good as you just pop your child into the seat. However they are expensive so we have just brought a Babylo walker where the baby can actually sit/stand in as opposed to some that force them into a super hero flying position.

Hubby and I were given no advice on daily care of our baby, on high street equipment that was accessible as a disabled parent, no advice on changing nappies with poor limb movement, little OT input so we have decided to change this for new parents. Any one like yourself who has tips to share is really gratefully received.I am a Mumsnet blogger on here- DisABLEdpositiveparent or go direct to blog which is part below. If I can help any more just shout,I've found many parents on here and other forums are very caring and helpful.


Spongebobskipants Mon 17-Oct-11 21:41:17

Hello, thank you so much for your reply that is very helpful indeed!

Yes i think you do understand but to be fair you have been through more than me i dont have plastic parts, why cant they do bionic parts instead be much better!
I will definitely try your recommendations particular the charity Remap, I would have never of heard of this if it weren't for you so thank you!

Unfortunately today's society works on the masses needs and overlooks the rest, it takes people like you and charity's like-minded to change this and support the rest on the daily care of our babies, i will have a look on your blog site sounds good for the disabled parent

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