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AS, ASD, Dyspraxia - how has it impacted on your life?

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ihatecbeebies Wed 05-Oct-11 15:58:08

As the title of the thread suggests I'm looking to find out what influence having autistic spectrum disorder, aspergers syndrome or dyspraxia has had for you.

My DS has possibly one (or all 3?) of these disorders as he has lists of strong traits for all of them. I'm worried about his future, what he'll be able to accomplish or what he'll struggle with. I've been researching online but nothing is better than experience, so please share your stories, they will be very much appreciated.

tapemetothepost Sun 09-Oct-11 02:33:23

I can only comment on dyspaxia personally but guess that some of the expriences are universally. Also depends on how it expresses itself in your DS (for me cognative and motor skills both fine and gross)
You want me to be honest?

It is shit. I remember crying at 16 because school wouldn't 'believe' I had dyspaxia (it was written on my file) and so I couldn't get extra help/time which I was entitled to - my dad all but marshed over to school. I got my help/diff equipment and extra time after that.
Some children can be harsh and it will hurt esp from 'friends'
Adults eg teachers aren't always the best actually they can be shit, I have been told i was making it up (while in primary) they didn't care didn't get that I needed help or couldn't do things. They want you to tick all the boxes and if you don't they don't like it.
I hate(d) not being able to do things, Not being able to drive or anything more than basicly swim and cycle (I can not fall of and that is all). having cognative issues was and still is hell.


It took me a while (I'm 25) but I can fnally say that it is okay, that it is me and That i can't change it, I can help myself but Ican't make myself be able to do it (though that it what people wanted when I was younger) Doin that takes time and maturity and a lot of healing.
But I have done all I wanted, I didn my Alevels, went to uni an travelled, got a DD and a partner.
I have got to a point where I have claimed it - I tell people and if they make light of i I tell them that upsets me.

I have SL issues as well which compound some parts of my dyspaxia.

I will say this. It all depnds how all/either of those 3 expresses itself in your DS. It also takes time and patients. And a level of being ale to tell people how you are feeling (I could truely tell my parents things i buried till I was 20 and wish I old them sooner, wish I had someone there, they where but i should have told them)

The world wants us in boxes and with one of thos it is doubly harder to fit into those boxes and the world generally doesn't like that. But for every shit one there is going to be a great one, someone who cares and will listen.

in my experience there are 2 ways it mainly effects you.
1. How you deal with it, how you are with youself about it and that takes time but eventually you don't get frustrated with not being able to do something or being different.Eventually you get ways of dealing with it and you do that you 'deal' and it just become a part of you and doesn't make you
2. how you deal with other people a thick skin helps. to truly do this you need number 1.

Look I'm not saying it is easy or plain sailing and I'm not saying it is always shit because soem things are easy and some you excel in But truely your DC will be okay he will do all he wants to that make take time but time has it benifits.

I don't know if all that is atypical or typical bu that is my experience of it. Good luck and usually it is all okay in the end.

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