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I actually sat on the floor today!

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SunnyCarrie Wed 21-Sep-11 21:51:52

Hi every one.

I and husband have severe arthritis, not the old wear and tear type that is old age, we have immune attacking every thing even organs type, what a jolly haha. However we are very happy, have a baby son I never dreamed as a child growing up with arthritis that I would ever A)be married and B) have a lovely healthy baby boy. I am very lucky.

So now the fun bit, popper clothing- nightmare, high chairs- too high, car seats too darn secure I can't even operate the button to release the harness and one child needing floor play time and I need to find a speedy way of approaching this. You know there are ways to deal with all these things and I am finding them out at the speed of light! Today I got on the floor with my son to try and show him how to crawl, yes ladies and gents I did and I thank you haha.

So I have decided to put every thing down in writing that I know, which is all work in progress, from where to get popper free clothes, easy high chairs, cots that you can access etc and I shall be setting up a web site when I have a spare moment for all disabled parents to use. Yes this will be exciting, no it won't be advocating a message of just get a carer and no it won't be discussing DLA applications. It is for those who desire to be independently parenting without the input of any one else. Those who know they have so much to give their child and just need to figure out what quirky way they will have to do it. I know that is most of you guys on here and I really hope not only that I can help new parents to be who are creaky but that you guys can share ideas to help me too.Some lovely mother on here is giving away her wheelchair accessible cot! That really touched me because they are not cheap so I know there are other parents like me just waiting to try and help newbies with physical difficulties. Really hope to see you soon my blog is below x

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