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Free Wheelchair Accessible Cot

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Poppy72 Fri 09-Sep-11 19:50:46

We have finished with our wheelchair accessible cot and would like to donate it on.

The cot has a special door which meant my husband could access both our kids without having to lift them out of the cot. The adaption was made by REMAP to a lovely Stokke Cot.

We would like it specifically to go to another wheelchair user. We are based in Central London so could deliver within zone 1-2 but beyond that it would need to be picked up.

Let me know if you are interested.

Rollersara Fri 16-Sep-11 21:54:41

That's a very generous offer Poppy!

I'm expecting my first and although only use my chair when I'm out of the house I am wondering if this would make things easier for me - I have trouble standing up straight, especially if carrying something (like a baby!) so I tend to sit or kneel where I can.

Let me know if you think this might be useful and if you don't get asked by a fulltime wheelchair user!

SunnyCarrie Wed 21-Sep-11 21:33:21

Wow Poppy! You sure, I don't want it or anything, I got an ordinary cot from Mothercare adapted by Remap, enough for my reach issues and bending problems but I know OTs were suggesting one of these to me and the cost was phenomenal!

I think that is really generous of you and I just wanted to say that really, I am sure you will be massively helping someone by being so kind. I will follow in your footsteps and give mine away to someone with physical difficulties when my baby boy no longer needs his.

Just for info I have started a blog to share tips, ideas, knowledge/reviews of accessible cots, popper free clothes,easy accessible high chairs for disabled parents,etc etc.I plan to set up a web site shortly and hope to establish a place in which swap shop of pre adapted, easy to use equipment can be exchanged or maybe sold by other disabled parents. I would have given any thing for someone to have come on and said "get your easy to buckle up and get child in, high chair here!". Take a look, I am a Mums net blogger and really hope Rollersara or any one else enjoys the cot, very lucky person who gets it. x

BizJet78 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:57:46

Hi Poppy72

Just sent you a PM.

My wife is a full-time wheelchair user so fingers crossed the cot is still available as it will save us several hundred pounds on a bespoke one :-)


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