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Able Parents

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SunnyCarrie Wed 31-Aug-11 19:57:35

That's right, just because we have physical limitations, are as creaky as Tin Man in Wizard of Oz, we are all Able Parents.

It's time the UK was dragged into 2011 and equipped with knowledge to pass onto other disabled parents about how to go about daily parental tasks with physical difficulties and without specialist disabled equipment costing thousands. Perhaps then we can stop leaving countless, bright and worthy but creaky parents, in the wilderness and in isolation. It shouldn't happen nowadays!

The blog is from my husbands and my experiences of parenting our 8mth old son who is very healthy while hubby and I both are riddled with severe arthritis. I have had arthritis since 15 mths old so have deformed joints and tones of plastic ones! He has not had surgery and so just has creaky, weak joints. We have blogged about high street baby equipment that is readily available in baby shops near you that actually works for aspects like bathing,changing,feeding and is accessible and easy to use for disabled parents. I even have put down suggestions on the easiest brands of nappies to use if you have poor hand movement etc. I am about to discuss cots and buggies next but I haven't washed my hair for days, my son is actually asleep and boy I need to get rid of the mashed Pumpkin and sweet potato meal he put all over me!

Please look at the blog and feel free to get involved with sharing suggestions and reviews of things you have used etc. It would be a privilege to have you along if you are healthy or if you are creaky, its all good.

SunnyCarrie Wed 31-Aug-11 19:58:32

P.S I am a Mumsnet blogger so should be under the blog section on here too which would make it easier for people to find me, am also on Twitter at @AbleParents

Cheers guys x

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