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Can I get a blue badge for hospital visits?

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magso Thu 28-Jul-11 13:29:32

I have not been fit for 3 years and struggle to do anything that needs energy like walking - although I look fit and well. Today I had to take my son who has sn ( mod/sev LD and ASD) to the hospital. I could not park at the hospital so had to walk - dragging my reluctant son up hill to the hospital!! By the time we arrived I was struggling and was given oxygen to recover. This sort of thing happens a lot ( usually no handy oxygen!). It is the combination of my illness ( PVFS?/ME following pneumonia) and my sons size /inability to cooperate that is the difficulty rather than any one problem IYSWIM. Ds gets low rate mob DLA. Even before I got ill I struggled at times because is so fast!!
Is it worth applting and if so for me or ds?

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