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first time mum with bad back

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flamencogirl Fri 01-Jul-11 11:32:02

Hi I am 18 weeks pregnant with a long standing back condition

I wonder what baby equipment you can recommend for a mum with a bad back? eg. prams, cots, car seats etc. Particular makes would be great.

Thank you

nothingsoextraordinary Fri 08-Jul-11 22:51:20

I'm sorry this isn't going to be tremendously useful, but I thought I'd tell you what I know.

I have chronic neck pain and am 32 weeks pregnant with first baby. The Disabled Parent's Network seem very good (if you live on the mainland, which I don't).

If you're buying a travel system, the lightest one on the market seems to be the Mamas and Papas Zoom. I've also been advised to start using a light stroller as soon as possible in any case. In terms of nappy changing and bathing, a changing station on every floor seems to be a must, with an integral baby bath to avoid stooping at bathtime (there needs to be someone around to fill it up though!). A cot with a drop-down side rail and raised base has been suggested too.

I don't expect there's anything new here, but that's all I've been able to find out. Please let me know if you hear more. Hope things go well!

TotalChaos Fri 08-Jul-11 23:09:45

alternatively you can get a bath support for your baby to lie on in the bath, which at least saves you carrying around heavy loads of water. The one I had was similar to this [[,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=Shopping%20Engines%20ASDA%20Direct-_-Google%20Base-_-Bathing-_-ASDA%20Little%20Angels%20Newborn%20Recliner%20Bath%20Support&istCompanyId=71f4ae42-94c5-4821-aa58-05eff6da2486&istItemId=xtaaxaai&istBid=t]

Sorry about long link! Depends I suppose whether bending over the bath would be an issue for you.

I also found that I needed the buggy handles to be high up, as stooping over buggy handles would make my back ache, again don't know if that would be an issue for you. I found graco mirage and mclaren volo good re:handle height. McLarens are good light umbrella fold strollers. Graco mirage was a nuisance to fold.

flamencogirl Mon 11-Jul-11 19:41:31

that's great thanks for both messages

think the baby bath might need to be on top of a changing station for do they get filled up - buckets and kettles??

Also in terms of a light stroller, how soon can you put a baby in those? Any ones that are lighter than others??

Will post any things I find out too!

TotalChaos Mon 11-Jul-11 19:50:00

I think light strollers are usually from about 6 months plus, when your baby can sit up a bit.

if you look on mothercare etc websites they usually have the weight of the buggies on. so you can compare.

flamencogirl Wed 13-Jul-11 19:54:00

any thoughts on the stokke explory? Looks very expensive but the height makes me think its good for bad backs?

Does anyone have any experience of it or know someone? seems to come up quite high in the mumsnet reviews

TotalChaos Wed 13-Jul-11 20:03:19

Stokke Explory after my time, sorry. Might be worth you asking about this on the Pram's board, there's a bunch of posters who live, breath prams/buggies etc so are bound to know about the Explory grin

OvO Wed 13-Jul-11 20:07:19

I used to bathe mine in the kitchen sink to save bending. It saved my back plus made for adorable photos. grin

flamencogirl Wed 20-Jul-11 19:44:48

yes I had wondered about that, I have also seen those tubs you get for bathing like a plastic container really! They say they are ok for up to 6 mnths but cant imagine a new born in that??

how about nursing chairs, any recommendations for good ones for back backs?

thanks again

SunnyCarrie Wed 31-Aug-11 19:44:46


My husband and I both have had youth arthritis, I since 15mths old and he in his 20s. We both have a v healthy 8mth old baby boy. We are sooooo creaky we make the tin man in the Wizard of Oz look limber!

I have written a blog primarily for disabled parents on high street baby equipment that makes things like bathing easier etc. Please check it out because my sister had a bad back as well and found some info useful. I have only been blogging for over a week now and yet have to discuss the cot option we went for but it came from Mothercare, more will be let on shortly, also things like buggies I need to write about because I could not be lugging heavy buggy that took ages to unfold and was stiff for me to unfold. So I shall be writing about these things shortly, I haven't washed my hair in nearly a week because my son has had a cold and so need to go and shower but watch the blog for regular updates. Hopefully you will find some things useful on there for a mummy with a creaky back grin)


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