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Sensory issues?

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supercal Wed 22-Jun-11 20:37:18

I've seen references on MN to people having sensory issues. I can guess what that means, although don't know definitively.

However, I am wondering if I have sensory issues.

I hate being touched sometimes unless I know it's going to happen. I like to be touched in a specific way. I get VERY stressed if I get touched in a certain way - e.g. short strokes as opposed to long strokes. It feels almost painful and I have the urge to lash out violently to get the person away from me.

Today at song group, a mother sat down next to me with her three kids, when there wasn't really space. Her youngest then kept accidentally kicking and knocking into me. I was getting incredibly stressed and didn't say anything because I knew I would sound too angry. If she comes to sit beside me again though, I will move though, as it really spoilt my enjoyment. What annoyed me most was that the mother didn't notice.

I also get very stressed by very loud noise.

Does this sound like sensory issues?

I'd appreciate any guidance.

dolfrog Thu 07-Jul-11 00:28:31

Sensory issues can refer to any of our 5 sense, and some can have multiple sense issues.
The current research name is Sensory Processing Disorder (there have been many variations on a theme in recent years) And i have a research paper collection by listed on my Invisible Disabilities research paper collections web page
Being sensitive load sounds is part of Hyperacusis and this collection will be added to my site when I next revise it.

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