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Bus passes - how do they work then?

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APieOfButter Mon 30-May-11 16:01:06

Hope I'm in the right topic.

I'm in the process of applying for a bus pass (I'm pretty certain I should get it, but in these days you can't be certain of anything)

Anyway, how does it work? I'm just a bt nervous, as I don't "look" disabled, about bus drivers refusing to let me use it and so on. There is a scanning thingy that people use for season tickets on our buses, if I put it in a normal season ticket wallet, would that be OK? I just don't fancy explaining myself in front of a bus full of people.

Also, how far can you go with one? If i was travelling with my two children, who are too young to pay, would it be totally free?

xalala Wed 08-Jun-11 23:02:51

Mine (Freedom Pass) has my photo on the card now. And besides that, it's in a standard blue Oyster card holder. When I scan it on the reader thingy the screen says Freedom Pass, but I've never been challenged on it by the driver. I don't "look" disabled either.

And mine is valid London zones 1-6, and I can take both kids with me for free (aged 4 and 1). I think it originally came with some info about using it in other areas, but I can't remember the rules now...

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