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Agenesis of corpus collosum

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DanniHowcroft89 Sat 08-Jan-11 23:19:30

My 2 year old son has just been diagnosed with partial agenesis of corpus collosum and also has white matter damage to his brain (caused my lack of oxygen)
I've tried to reseach online about ACC but cant really find anything from anyone who has it or anyone whos child has it. I can only find info from facts, profesionals ect..
I'm really worried about what the future holds for my son as he is 3 soon and cannot wwalk or talk and is extremley delayed in every area of development. Can any give me any advise or tips on what i can do to help him learn, grow, understand??? I'm trying everything i can think of which i helping a little but would like some advice on what may help?

Clarabel74 Sun 09-Jan-11 00:09:25

Hi Danni,

I think you might be better posting on the Children with SN rather than Parents with disabilities. But hopefully someone will be able to help.

So you have contact with Childrens services? You might have a Complex childrens services even. They have Childrens nurses in the community that might be able to help. (or not depending on your area)

This is American but might be able to help

All the best

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