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Metformin stomach troubles

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loubieloo4 Sat 19-Oct-19 23:56:03

Hi All,

I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic and was put on metformin last week.

Within half an hour of taking the tablets (morning and evening) I get very loose stools, and have been feeling sick most of the day in between since.

I will try and book an appointment with the diabetic nurse next week. I did read that it could be a side effect. Will it just take a while for my system to get used to it, does anybody have any ideas to help in the meantime?

FinallyHere Sun 20-Oct-19 00:17:22

Sorry to hear your diagnosis of Type II diabetics.

The NHS is still way behind on Type II. Have a look at who support the low carb approach. Keep your blood sugars low so no need for metformin and the associated digestive issues.

My DH has used the low carb approach and is no longer considered Type II. All the best.

Screamingontheinside Sun 20-Oct-19 00:17:59

Ask to swap to modified release ones. I had stomach pains until I changed over and seem to be okay now x

Babysharkdoodoodood Sun 20-Oct-19 00:26:23

Yeah. I switched to sukrin as it's supposed to be easier on the bowel. 1 year later I'm still dashing to the loo with barely any warning. I'm also doing low carb so at least I've lost 5 kilos.

Babysharkdoodoodood Sun 20-Oct-19 00:26:46


autumnleaves99 Sun 20-Oct-19 00:28:44

What dose are you taking? Usually you start on one a day, then gradually increase the dose over a number of weeks and that can help reduce the side effects. In most people it will settle down after a few weeks.

loubieloo4 Sun 20-Oct-19 02:14:19

I'm taking 500mg twice a day. I do have a lot of stress going on, dh(38) has stage 4 bowel cancer with a terminal prognosis so my diet is all over the place.

EBearhug Sun 20-Oct-19 02:43:50

I'm on metformin - it was hard at first, but it settled down after a week or so. I'd carry on till your nurse appt if you can, to see if it settles, but it depends how much it''s interrupting your life, I guess.

Oldraver Sat 09-Nov-19 15:46:53

Yes ask for SR (slow release) version. For some reason they dont use this first

OhDearEthel Sat 09-Nov-19 15:51:04

It's likely top just settle on its own

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