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Insulin Pumps

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CocteauTwins Sat 11-Aug-18 12:25:42

I have finally secured the funding for pump therapy. I can choose between the Accu-check insight or Medtronic. Anyone on either of these that can help me choose? Tia smile

ch0c0milkrox Mon 13-Aug-18 07:29:29

Have had both
Either will be fine as a first pump
Insight only takes novorapid
Medtronic has cgm that can be used with it but the pump is very big and heavy
Can't beat the accu check combo if you ask me can still get them.
The remote on the insight is very slow too

ch0c0milkrox Mon 13-Aug-18 07:30:27

Can only use the Bayer usb meter with Medtronic which I hated. But as I say having never had a pump I don't think any of this will be an issue you'll just be happy to have the pump! @CocteauTwins

Datedandold Mon 13-Aug-18 07:32:24

My other half has the Medtronic and likes it- he has a lot of pairs on shorts with zip up pockets though to put it in as It is quite big and heavy and he doesn’t like to ‘wear’ it so to speak. However, it is an older version.

I’m glad you’ve got a pump and I hope it improves your quality of life as much as it has improved his xoxox

Datedandold Mon 13-Aug-18 07:33:58

Sorry about the kiss hug combo there! It’s habit from texts and I was a bit excited for you! As an aside he doesn’t use the bod tester that comes with it because he has the freestyle libre and does it manually from that.

CocteauTwins Mon 13-Aug-18 14:27:11

Thanks for the responses smile
I'm very pleased I can finally go on a pump, I've been trying for 3 years and I know it is going to help me with better control.
The Medtronic is very popular but I found it heavy and bulky. I'm erring towards the Accu-check as it's lighter and I use the expert to monitor my blood sugars and carb counting so I'm familiar with the settings and layout. I'm on novorapid pens already, so that's fine. I really wanted to go on the Omnipod, but it's not available in my area sad

Butterfly44 Sat 01-Sep-18 14:24:53

Can you refer to a different trust if you want the omnipod?

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